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Introducing Virtual
HOA Management!

Enjoy the full support of an HOA management company at a fraction of the fees.


Remote HOA Meeting

HOA Managers

Established in 2009, we are a seasoned Community Management firm who genuinely cares! Your dedicated community manager is available 24/7 remotely and your owners will connect with our responsive and knowledge customer service team.

We have to most advanced and transparent software to power our collaboration with you. Boards enjoy real-time access to community information, while homeowners can easily pay online and manage their account. 

Red Rock HOA Portal with App
HOA Board using Red Rock Virtual HOA Management

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It's our goal to reduce the work load for the board while ensuring that you are always in the know and have the final say on all things related to your community. You can rest easy know that you will always have control of your community. But, now you have a partner to assist!


Accounting in Red Rock Virtual HOA

All dues payments are processed by our team. Owners enjoy a variety of payment options including online association payments. We also pay approved invoices on your behalf. Board members also have the ability to run live financial reports!

HOA Violation Landscaping

When you see a house that's out of compliance, you can easily report it to us. We will notify the owner and track all violations from a friendly notice all the way to fines. We also work with the owner by providing tips and resources to resolve their issue.

Virtual Zoom Board Meeting Red Rock

We host board meetings via Zoom or conference call. We also setup remote HOA meetings for the entire community, which makes it easier and inspires more participation. We will even provide you with all the material to host your own meeting.

HOA Handyman Work Orders

We use our robust database of vetted vendors in your area. Services like handymen, landscapers, plumbers, roofers, pool service, and more. You can also keep current vendors you know and trust. You will also stay up-to-date with our work order tracking system.



Our straight forward and honest pricing saves your community money. You'll pay the same management fee each month.


We have an At-Will agreement and there's never a contract. We put our money where our mouth is. Try us risk free!


We're a member of SouthState Bank, one of the nations largest HOA centered banks. We're held to a higher standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual and Remote HOA Management? At Red Rock Virtual, we believe that remote HOA management is the future of community management. With advances in technology, we are able to provide better, more efficient service to our clients than ever before. So what exactly is virtual HOA management? Simply put, it's the management of a homeowners' association (HOA) entirely online. This means that instead of having an on-site manager, all communication, administrative tasks, and financial management are handled virtually. Here are some of the reasons why virtual HOA management is a better option: Increased Efficiency: By eliminating the need for an on-site manager, virtual HOA management allows for more streamlined and efficient operations. Communication is faster and more direct, and administrative tasks can be completed more quickly. Reduced Costs: Without the need for an on-site manager, virtual HOA management can be more cost-effective. This allows us to offer our services at a lower price point than traditional management companies. 24/7 Accessibility: With virtual HOA management, you can access your account and information at any time, from anywhere. This means that you don't have to wait until business hours to get the answers you need. Increased Transparency: Our virtual platform allows for increased transparency in all aspects of HOA management. All financial information, meeting minutes, and other important documents are easily accessible to all members of the HOA. Improved Communication: Our virtual platform allows for more efficient and effective communication between the HOA board, management company, and residents. This means that issues can be resolved more quickly, and everyone is kept informed. Overall, we believe that virtual HOA management is a better option for both HOAs and management companies. By leveraging the power of technology, we are able to provide better, more efficient service to our clients, while also reducing costs. If you're interested in learning more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have! You can check out our article which covers more HERE.

How do we conduct meetings? Red Rock Virtual is a company that specializes in providing virtual solutions for Homeowners Association (HOA) meetings. Our virtual meeting platform allows HOA members to conduct meetings from the comfort of their own homes, using video conferencing technology such as Zoom. Here, we will discuss the benefits of conducting HOA meetings virtually and why it is better than in-person meetings. One of the biggest advantages of virtual HOA meetings is the convenience it provides. Members can participate in the meeting without leaving their homes or offices, which saves them time and money. In-person meetings require members to travel to a specific location, which can be time-consuming and costly, especially for members who live far away. Virtual meetings eliminate these issues and make it easier for all members to attend. Another advantage of virtual meetings is the increased participation it provides. Virtual meetings eliminate the need for members to physically attend meetings, which can be a barrier to participation. Members who might not be able to attend in-person meetings due to personal or work-related reasons can now participate in virtual meetings. This increases the number of participants, which can lead to more productive discussions and decisions. Virtual meetings also provide a more inclusive environment. Members with disabilities or mobility issues may find it difficult to attend in-person meetings due to the physical barriers present in the venue. Virtual meetings remove these barriers and provide an accessible platform for all members to participate. This allows for a more diverse group of members to attend and participate in the meeting. Additionally, virtual meetings provide increased flexibility. Members can participate in meetings from any location, as long as they have access to an internet connection. This allows members who are traveling or have other commitments to still attend the meeting and contribute to discussions. Virtual meetings can also be recorded and shared with members who were unable to attend, ensuring that everyone has access to the information discussed. Finally, virtual meetings provide a more efficient way of conducting HOA meetings. Virtual meetings can be scheduled more quickly than in-person meetings, as there is no need to find a physical location or coordinate transportation. Virtual meetings can also be more structured and organized, as members can use features such as chat functions to ask questions or make comments, without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

How are violations resolved? We understand that maintaining the appearance and safety of a community is an important responsibility for Homeowners Associations (HOAs). To ensure that community standards are upheld, HOA violations must be reported promptly and effectively. Since we do not visit the property, HOA violations are reported by board members, committee members, and homeowners. Once a violation has been reported, Red Rock notifies the homeowner of the violation and begins the violation process. We allow owners to respond and resolve their violation by providing them with a specific timeline to address the violation. We provide clear instructions on what steps need to be taken to resolve the violation and help the homeowner understand the consequences of failing to comply with the HOA rules and regulations and CCRs. In some cases, a violation hearing may be necessary. Red Rock Virtual conducts hearings virtually, allowing for a streamlined and efficient process. During the hearing, the homeowner will have the opportunity to present their case and explain their side of the story. The HOA management team will then make a decision based on the evidence presented and any relevant HOA rules and regulations. To summarize, HOA violations can be reported by board members, committee members, and homeowners. Red Rock Virtual provides a user-friendly online portal for homeowners to report violations, and we allow homeowners to respond and resolve their violations. We conduct hearings virtually, which provides a more efficient and streamlined process for all parties involved. At Red Rock Virtual, we are committed to ensuring that the HOA rules and regulations are enforced and that communities remain safe and well-maintained.

Will remote HOA management save us money? Red Rock Virtual offers a unique solution to this problem, providing virtual management services that save HOAs money while delivering exceptional results. In fact, most community associations see a 45% savings in management cost going virtual with Red Rock. One of the primary advantages of Red Rock Virtual's virtual management services is the cost savings that they provide. Traditional HOA management companies often charge a percentage-based fee, meaning that as the community grows and property values increase, the management fees also increase. However, Red Rock Virtual's flat-rate management fee ensures that the cost of managing an HOA remains consistent and predictable, even as the community expands and develops. In addition to the flat-rate fee, Red Rock Virtual does not have any hidden fees, making it the only company in the industry with a completely transparent pricing structure. This ensures that HOAs know exactly what they are paying for and can budget accordingly. It also means that HOAs can trust Red Rock Virtual to provide top-quality management services without worrying about any surprise expenses. Another way that Red Rock Virtual saves HOAs money is by utilizing virtual management technology. By leveraging the latest in virtual management software, Red Rock Virtual is able to streamline HOA management processes, reduce administrative overhead, and improve communication between board members and residents. This results in a more efficient and effective management experience, which ultimately translates to cost savings for HOAs. Overall, Red Rock Virtual's virtual management services offer a cost-effective solution for HOAs looking to streamline their management processes and save money in the process. With a flat-rate management fee and transparent pricing structure, Red Rock Virtual is the only company in the industry that provides complete pricing transparency. And with their advanced virtual management technology, Red Rock Virtual delivers exceptional results at a fraction of the cost of traditional management companies. If you're looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage your HOA, consider Red Rock Virtual.

How do you process payments? Red Rock Virtual is a leading provider of HOA management services, offering a wide range of solutions to owners and residents across the United States. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our partnership with SouthState Bank, which holds us to the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability. At Red Rock Virtual, we understand that every property owner has unique needs and preferences when it comes to managing their finances. That's why we offer multiple payment options to ensure that everyone can find a payment method that works for them. One option is to mail in payments to our secure lockbox facility. This option provides a traditional way of paying for those who prefer it, while still ensuring the utmost security for their financial information. For those who prefer the convenience of online payments, we offer the ability to pay by e-check or credit card. Our online payment platform is secure and easy to use, allowing you to make payments from the comfort of your own home or office. We also offer automatic payments, which can simplify your monthly payments by automatically deducting them from your bank account on a predetermined date. This option ensures that your payments are always on time, without the need for manual intervention. Lastly, we accept bill-pay from any bank. This option allows you to pay your bills through your bank's online banking platform, providing a familiar and convenient payment method. At Red Rock Virtual, we understand that managing finances can be a stressful and time-consuming process. That's why we are committed to providing our clients with the most convenient and secure payment options available. Whether you prefer to mail in payments, pay online, set up automatic payments, or use your bank's bill-pay feature, we have you covered.

How does virtual HOA management handle maintenance requests? Residents can submit maintenance requests, inquiries, and other concerns directly through our portal or by calling our 24/7 line. Your manager will collect estimates and send work orders to the board for approval. We use a national database of preferred providers or we can use your trusted vendors to complete the work.

Can our HOA still have in-person events or meetings? Yes, virtual HOA management does not eliminate the possibility of in-person meetings or events. It simply provides an efficient, cost-effective alternative for routine management tasks and meetings. In-person gatherings can still be organized and your virtual manager can assist in the prep!


"If it's via email or phone call the representatives are always helpful and courteous. I really appreciate receiving a response to my messages immediately. This lets me know that someone cares and is working on it."

"Danielle at Red Rock was very helpful in helping me setup my on-line account. Impeccable customer service skills. Love It!"

"Our HOA transitioned to Red Rock this year and it's the best move we could have ever made!! I'm excited to be working with such a dynamic and savvy organization!! Top notch staff and service!!"

Lakevia Goode, SC

Patsy McGill, NC

Verleatha Williams, NC

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